I’m a truth teller- a survivor, creator, speaker, and advocate. I was put on this earth to help people speak their truth and kiss shame goodbye. My journey started the day I stood on a stage and told a room full of people that I was a survivor of sexual abuse- and of the demons that had chased me since that time.

My goal is to inspire, empower, and support women and
children in healing from the cycle of abuse. This is me jumping up to catch my dream, and I want to help you catch yours too. If you’re feeling alone, questioning your worth, and wondering if you’ll ever be able to break free of what binds you… I’m here to take your hand and tell you that you can, and you will!

R E A D   M O R E   >


First and foremost, I’d like to think of myself as a professional badass. I’ve overcome some pretty immense challenges to get to where I am today, which is why I believe that helping others do the same is what I’m called to do.

I carry out this work in a few ways; primarily through writing. You can find my work here on the blog, or read my contribution to the book Sacred Hearts Rising, put together by Brenda Hammond.  Sacred Hearts Rising is available starting March 2018. I’m also working on my own book… so stay tuned for that bad boy!

Another joy of mine is public speaking; not only does it empower me to share my journey, the real reward is in reaching souls that haven’t started theirs yet.

Last but not least, I have embarked on a journey to become a spirit coach, connecting with my roots and pursuing shamanic trainings. My hope is that I can connect lost souls with their true spirits and guide them towards a more fulfilling and connected life.