Day 16 and your current relationship; if single discuss single life

Well as I sit here squeezing in a blog post in between building furniture my instant answer is it sucks, but only momentarily and not often. I have been single for one year now, and my previous relationship only lasted a couple months, so really I have had the opportunity to enjoy single life for a little over two years now.

It isn’t so much single life that bothers me, but the quality of relationships and dating nowadays. I’ve learnt to be picky, and sure of what I want. There are qualities in a man I will not waver on, and it comes down to how you make my soul feel. Sadly, I have put a lot of effort into someone that made me feel good about myself and I’ve been tossed aside like last weeks trash. Apparently this is a thing now. Ghosting. Head games. Uncertainty.

I have been fooled, mistaken and left wondering what I’ve done wrong. Let’s be real I haven’t done anything wrong. I am a good friend it is just sometimes others are not good friends and when their use of you is not needed boom I’m left wondering yet again. This cycle ends when you choose to not allow it to continue.

I’m going into single life unsure of what I am doing. I honestly am at a point in my life where I don’t even want a relationship. I thought I wanted companionship but it seems no one values anything anymore. I choose me.

I’m entering a relationship of growth with myself and my business. I hold my girlfriends near and dear to me and can rely on them to have my back. Sure it gets lonely sometimes, and always being the single one in the group can sometimes suck too, but it doesn’t suck enough to be undervalued and treated worthless.

Short and sweet because I’m not here to dwell on the past, but to learn from it. I’m sad I have lost people in my life, and I am sad that I have been abandoned repeatedly, but I’m built to learn from each situation. Growth is what pushes me in life and grow I will.

Stay safe, stay strong stay Badass! But most importantly stay single if you are undervalued, unhappy, abused or not in love with yourself because when you truly love yourself you don’t need anyone else. ❤️

xx Badassbon

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