This is hard, but nothing worthwhile is easy.

I had the opportunity to talk to a fellow survivor today, and I asked many personal questions which she freely answered. I had this great idea of interviewing her and posting this mesmerizing post gaining incredible amounts of awareness. 

I have sat here and I am blank. I was going about it the wrong way. I am in no ways a reporter, so let me just recap some moments in her life that are a sad reality for too many.

Coral, was molested from the young age of 8/9 until she was 14. This man was a family friend, so had access to her. As a young girl she was neglected, and found this man would buy her things and give her attention. Coral told her mother when she was 16, but nothing was done. Her mothers own addiction more important than her daughters trauma. She carried pain because no one noticed or seemed to care what was happening. She even tried going to the police a few years later, at 19 she went to the Vancouver Police, but because it was out of their jurisdiction nothing was done. Again neglected and feeling defeated she went on in life. Then a few years ago she was faced with answering a question; one she cannot remember for the life of her, but “for me to give an answer was impossible because I didn’t believe I was worthy of the truth of how I wanted to feel answering it.”

“It was then that I broke down and knew I had to go through with finally charging this person.” 

At 35 something started to happen regarding this abuse, and at 37 she will watch him receive his verdict. October 16, 2017 is the day she has been waiting for. 

Her message is important, and it is a gift of acceptance by her and myself. This tribe I speak of consists of people who are with you during this time of pain. People who have been through the same and choose to spread awareness by speaking out. 

“If I could say anthing to survivors whom have not felt strong enough to come forward yet; I will hold your hand 

I will give you the strength 

I will be there if and when you need to cry 

I will help you through this every step of the way because YOU MATTER 

You deserve to have your story heard

You deserve to break free from the depression that comes with living with holding it all in

You are amazing for making it this far and you can heal.” Coral Warner

If I had that 20 years ago I would have saved myself a life of heartache. So I ask; if not today when?

No more secrets please, as they hurt the innocent. 

I would like to close this post with a interesting fact. Corals day of justice is also my 1 year sobriety date. Also her nephews would be 4th birthday had he lived. XX

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