Single and not ready to mingle

I left my blog last about people in our lives and how they are here for a reason, a season or a lifetime. I believe I have learnt something from every person I have ever met, but this last person I learnt a lot about me! Yea, who would’ve thought I would see something good out of something so terrible right. What did I learn? Well most of it I already knew (like how fucking Badass I am) and the length I will go for love. Here’s the thing though; I’ve had it all here right in front of my eyes! These kids that drive me crazy!! Yep, my kids!! My friends who refuse to let me go. The bro’s who all have my back. My asshole pets. My nieces, nephew, newfound Bio Dad and that huge tribe I have built. Have I missed something? YES!!!! Me!!!! I have to love me fully in order to extend that love beyond my immediate priorities.

So, I sit here writing this embarrassed with a broken ego but with more hope than I have ever had. Remember that steam train I’ve been on all year? It was going so damn fast and all of a sudden I felt like I was living the life! I was speaking at large events, booking even more, sitting on a board, becoming an author, and, and, and all of a sudden it wasn’t enough. It’s that addict mentality of go-go-go that I am used to, and on my downtime I needed more stimulation, and so I started online dating. Before I knew it I was consumed by it, and then not long later I have a boyfriend. I didn’t even want a boyfriend for fucks sakes, but he made himself seem so desirable and had me questioning my decision to stay single. Like I would miss the best damn thing ever! So I bit!! Romance, sex, intimacy, touch, belonging, happy, wanted are a few things I experienced with this man, but something wasn’t feeling right. Maybe the friends who voiced their opinions, maybe the pit bull who growled at him nonstop at my friends or maybe the things he’d mutter under his breath started making me uneasy.

Then on August 30, 2018 I woke up to this guy throwing my phone in my face calling me a damn whore and a fat disgusting pig. Oh boy, not this scene again. I’ve done the abusive boyfriend thing and I am not into playing ball. He went through a whole year of messages, and yes I could have erased some numbers and messages but why after a month into a relationship? I should have ran right there, but he cried and I felt like he must love me if he is hurt right? No!! Run the fuck away now! Then he spat on me! Again, GTFO!!

I eased the situation and promised no harm no foul. Until that weekend. “I don’t like what your wearing. Those are whore pants, and my wife wouldn’t wear that.” 1. I am someone’s wife still but not yours buddy 2. I’ll dress accordingly ie. how the heck I want.

Of course I stayed with him because I like chaos, no let me rephrase, I am used to chaos but no longer need to live with it in my life. And so, yesterday I made the call that I was going to break it off. Did I mention he moved in at this point? Judge all you want, your opinions are not my business, but the point is I was not going to take this kind of abuse ever again. I came home to get this going, but I was shocked when he attacked me about putting a password on my ipad and then boom he’s chasing me. I called 911. He tackled me. Hit me. Then he was gone……….. in my Van… with my cell…. with my dog!!!

End story, I am single. Staying that way, and if any man thinks he can step up and handle a badass crazy like me you better be Effin amazing to make me change my mind.

On a serious note though, it made me think about the feeling of being alone and I realized I am not alone. I would pick sleeping alone for the rest of my life over being spat on any day. I have my tribe and that is enough. As for this chaotic go go go mentality it is gone. I am embarking on getting my health back so that I can learn how to cope without filling the void. Along with extreme dedication and a friend willing to push me in the right direction I am back. Not 100% mentally back, but I am here with more presence than these past few months.

So stay tuned because y’all gotta know this was just the tip of the iceberg. Teen depression, suicide, drug abuse, boundaries, overly sensory children and dog training are just a few of the things I have experienced this summer. Coming up to 2 years of sobriety and I can only be excited for what is to come!

XX Badass Bon

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