Hard exterior; soft interior

Do you know how difficult it is to go through life and not be offended by other peoples actions or lack of effort?

I’m that friend that gives and gives until I have nothing left. When I see something that I think you need in your life I will buy it. When I see something funny and think of you I will snap a picture and send it to you. I will do my best to communicate with those I care about. I do my very best to remember everyone’s birthdays, and I try to keep a line of communication open with everyone I care about. I host many dinners to keep everyone together and I offer lunch dates often. I randomly will text you if I am around the corner with a few minutes to spare. I will do anything I can to keep friends together no matter how far apart we are because you matter in my life.

The thing is, not every effort on my end is returned from others. Invites that are given to some are not returned with an accept let alone a decline. Some have not reached out to see how I am. Some have chosen to not ask about my decisions, and some have simply gone on in life as if I never existed. Some have stopped liking my posts or commenting on how proud they are of me. Some have been offended by my life choices, and some are snooty that I made choices they may not agree with.

The ones that really shock me though are two groups. Group one is my friends for life. The ones that have been there over 20 years and have experienced hardships with me. The ones I may have talked shit about and hurt badly but apologized and we go on as if nothing ever got between us. Those people are my family. Then there’s the ones I barely know. The ones who come across my posts or blogs and message me giving me words of encouragement. The ones I met once and have built an unbreakable bond with. The ones who insist on being in my life by choice. These are my people.

Some may say I am too sensitive and need to stop caring and I have tried to not care. Easier said than done! I fear abandonment because I have been treated as a throw away in life and society. The family I knew and grew up with no longer are my family. Some by choice because I refuse to “get over” my innocence being stolen, and some because they don’t understand how one day I acted fine and the next I disowned the ones who abused me. I fear being alone and judged. Everything I do is public by choice so being judged is never going to go away, but I would like to think people are ready to understand.

Blogging has been a great way for me to express my feelings and that’s exactly what I use it for. That and to raise awareness to what it is like to be a survivor. What people don’t understand is how difficult life actually is for me. I have a skewed way of thinking and with hard work I plan on changing it, but this is a lifelong journey of undoing decades of damage.

I think I have found a good support system of people that are there day to day and not just when it serves them. For the ones who have walked away I am at peace and wish you the world. To the ones who have stayed you are my bitches for life and I will give you all that I can because thats what tribe members do.

To end this post I will say this. My life is my life and my choices are mine to make regardless if they are good or poor choices. Your role is to stand by me and be there for me. Your role is NOT to make me feel worse or alone. It saddens me to have lost so many people in my life, but that will not stop me.

XX Badass Bon

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