Day 4 and my 5 current goals

Well first and foremost I would like to survive isolation depression! Maybe not a goal but a need I don’t know. All I know is some days my bed is where I stay for 24 straight hours and it sucks but thanks to social distancing there isn’t much options. So goal one. Survive.

Goal 2 would have to be to finish organizing my house. Yea yea, to all those that have been to my house and think it is ridiculously clean; it is not to me. So goal two goes to having my place in tip top ocd shape.

Goal 3 is to get this damn podcast running. It’s something I keep talking about but my inner beliefs keep shutting it down. Nope it won’t last forever and soon you’ll be seeing my goals being crushed. Maybe it’s a little bit of nervousness. I have found that goals without deadlines never get accomplished for me, so with that being said I give myself until June 1st to drop my first episode. Holy shit did I just do that. Yep!

Goal 4. Spend more quality time with my kids. Yes we are in isolation together, but we seem to all be surviving the best we can. I think family game nights, and daily walks should be incorporated into our schedule.

And for my last goal, this is a big one. Lose some weight. I don’t know how much, but I’d love to just be less than I am now. So time to get back to who I used to be. I remember a year ago I was dropping 100 squats a day, doing yoga and Zumba all at home. No excuses just time to do it.

As I write these goals out I think back to a conversation I had today with my ex-mother in law while dropping my son off for his week at his dads. I was telling her some of us are in this isolation depression and the only reason I haven’t fully fell into it is because I try to keep some normalcy in my life. Like doing my make up and hair. It is on the days I get ready where I feel good about myself and actually do stuff. So if you too are struggling try to keep a schedule. You’re definitely not alone.

Stay Strong

xx Badassbon

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