Day 7 and my bucket list

Considering my bucket list is always growing I will share my top 10 must do before I die list.

1. Skydive. This is something I have wanted to do for a very long time, but I’m super freaked out about it. Not necessarily afraid of heights but jumping out of a plane seems a little crazy. I just really want the adrenaline rush…..

2. Go back to Paris and enjoy it properly. I was 15 when I spent a month in Paris. I was irresponsible and a bit dumb back then. All I wanted to do was party and shop; which I did a lot of lol. There was this amusement place called mini France or something and I quickly walked through the place taking pictures and I was satisfied with “seeing” what Paris had to offer. Sad…. I did go to the Eiffel Tower. So a redo trip there is high in my list.

3. Give a TEDx talk. I feel being on a TED stage would be quite an accomplishment. My goals are to perfect my speeches and work towards this.

4. Take a train across Canada. Honestly this isn’t one of my bucket list choices, but my grandmother always told me if you get the chance to take a train across Canada you definitely should. Now that she is gone it has always been on my mind to experience it. Not high on my list but would do if time and finances allowed.

5. Write my damn biography. I have the time to write it, but bringing up 39 years of trauma is an emotional rollercoaster. It will happen I can promise you that.

6. Write a dating book. Think Amy Schumer’s bio but me. It will be raunchy, hilarious and completely honest. Now this is one that will be fun to write and even funnier for all you guys to read.

7. Write a children’s book. Actually two. One on confidence and one on abuse. I see a trend going on here and a whole bunch of writing in my future.

8. Live somewhere warm year round. I love BC and this place will always be my home, but I am not made for cold weather. I’m a big baby regarding the cold, so this momma needs to live somewhere warm with sandy beaches. Big dreams for this woman!

9. Host a kickass event around being a Badass person. I’ve been to many conferences and I would love the opportunity to do one myself. I had plans to do one in 2020, but now I’m thinking 2021. This will be a day or weekend of growth, love, understanding, vulnerability and acceptance. I get chills just thinking about it. This will be one not to miss.

10. Hike up a mountain and take pictures dressed up. I’ve seen groups of people doing this before and I’ve always wanted some photos with an amazing background dressed to the nines. I think this one will be checked off my list first. I’ve been thinking about this one a lot this past month. Social distancing hike anyone?

Stay Strong and safe out there ✌?

xx Badassbon

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