Day 10 and my thoughts on education

The exact question is actually how important do I think education is.

I think education is important as society expects you to have one. I have found it difficult getting jobs without one, so yea it is pretty important.

However, there are many of us who do not have an education. I made it to grade 8 and didn’t return for many years. I think education depends on where you’re going on life. Me, I hustle. It is what I know. I know how to figure shit out and push myself and my brand. I have determination and street smarts that no schooling taught me.

Everything I know I know from my life lessons. However if I could go back in time knowing what I know now I would’ve pushed myself harder and further with my education. I found it very hard to go back to school with 3 kids, but I did. There’s that thing again, choice. We all have a choice.

I do believe also that we don’t learn enough in schools. I am passionate about sexual abuse awareness, domestic violence awareness and confidence. These things are not brought up often in schools and I think they should be. I also think the schools should teach about budgets, balancing your budgets and debt.

And that’s where I stand on education.

Come back tomorrow to hear about the places I absolutely must visit.

Stay safe, strong and Badass

xx Badassbon

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