Day 11 and the places I would like to visit

Well first off I would literally like to go ANYWHERE right now because I am going absolutely batshit crazy and have never been so bored and never felt so alone in my entire life!

Okay now that that is out of the way. Here are the places I have always wanted to go in no particular order.





Paris…. Again


Those are just the top places I can think of, but realistically I would love to see the whole world. I would love to immerse myself in the different cultures around the world and eat so many different types of cuisines.

I have done a little bit of travelling already. I have driven from Vancouver to Ontario, I have travelled to multiple places across Canada and have seen many towns in BC. I have been to Los Angelas, San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Las Vegas, Arizona, Oregon, Utah and Paris. I definitely have many years ahead of me for travel and would like to make it a priority..

If I could pick up right now and go anywhere right this second it would probably be Mexico. I’m really feeling like some sun and fun.

Stay strong, stay safe and most importantly stay Badass.

xx Badassbon

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