Back after a time out

Ever need to put yourself in a timeout? It’s like putting your child in the corner for not listening, except I need to check myself and my bad attitude. Yep I admit I have a shit attitude sometimes and if I don’t check myself it ferments into anger. So, time-out complete, and I would like to think I am back in a better mood. Maybe not entirely, but after my much anticipated road trip next week I am positive I will be back to my old self.

So day 11 I was to share 10 of my dislikes and 10 of my likes. I attempted this last night, and I was in such a bad mood my dislikes were actually making it worse.

My dislikes are things that make me tick, things that hurt me and things I don’t like done to me. I have a lot of integrity. And being raised on the golden rule this is important to me to be treated with respect as I hold a lot of respect towards others.

I dislike being ignored. I dislike people talking behind my back. I dislike being taken advantage of. I dislike being lied to and I dislike being used. Pretty obvious dislikes for anyone I would think. On a lighter side I also dislike people who whistle. My kids think I dislike this because I can’t whistle and maybe this is true, lol, but seriously it drives me crazy….. I dislike soggy bread because it is soooo gross! I dislike cold coffee, my allergies and dogs that beg for food when I’m trying to eat.

My likes now. The smell of fresh bread, movie theatre popcorn with junior mints and when my children listen and help out. I like sunny warm days, the beach and the sound of native drummers. I like travelling, friends that become family, sleeping in and fresh coffee. While writing out my likes it really grounds me and puts me in a good mood. It makes me think of all the good I have in my life and the things I have to look forward to. This is why I write. It helps me and it helps others see we are all more alike than we think.

So, day 12 is a little boring. It asks what I have in my make up bag. Thing is I never bring a make up bag anywhere unless I travel, and when I travel I bring everything ? yes. I’m one of those girls. Some would say a diva, a princess but I would just say I am me and I would much rather be prepared than not at all. So here is a picture of my make up drawer. Yes I have a whole drawer, and believe it or not I have downsized by about half in the last couple months.

Well that is all for tonight, now I get to attack my messages and emails. Thanks to depression and isolation blues I have over 1000 emails to sort through. Yay!

Stay strong, stay safe and stay Badass.

xx Badassbon

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