When you get that extra boost just at the right time.

I have a major toothache, I can’t remember the last time I had an amazing nights sleep, and of course I have gotten a lot done but not everything. Did I mention I’m a single mom who runs a household full of teenagers and not only is it 3 nights to the pageant but it is the end of the school year and month which means crazy schedules and usual month end errands.

It seems when we think its too much you get a sign and boom your like heck no “I got this!” I had already seen my article for the Abby News online, but once in print it was such a boost of confidence that I am indeed doing what I am meant to. The people that reached out, who shared my article, who sent words of inspiration are my tribe. The people who are inspired by me but also inspire me. It’s a great cycle to be a part of.

Of course there are some peoples support that I wish I was receiving, but I always need to remember that people come into our lives for three things; a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Some reasons plain suck, but if you look closely you’ll see the lesson and when you can find the lesson you can grow. Like learning not all people have your back or are as honest as they say they are. I can’t change the world, or anyone for that matter, but I can improve myself and inspire change in others. And I’m not talking changing who people are, but changing what we are about. Living a purposeful life, being the change we seek in the world, just plain being badass! Why live day in and day out doing the ordinary when we can do the extraordinary and make the world a better place.


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  1. Dave..mst you at the purple light event tonight with my wife Leslie..guy that wants an xxl tribe shirt!..came home read your blogs..wow! My story not so dramatic..loving Christian family living on a dairy farm in Rosedale…got married, 3 kids..33 yrs married..gave up…met another gal, Leslie, before separating..not good..got booted out..lived with sis for 2.5 yrs…divorce came thru, got remarried..keys for getting out of my valley…my faith in the creator, dr nature..(gone no outmand doing stuff), caring, non-judgmental people at our church, physically active, serving others and hanging out with good friends at our. church..Immanuel Baptist here in town…have a Friday Redemption service for people who have/are travelling rough road….and hang out with positive genuine people…sense you are that type of person to!..we have lots of fun in spite of getting older and still facing other issues…

    1. Hi Dave, that procrastination is still a daily struggle for me.. Hence why it has been a month since you comments. I have written down the church information and although I am busy this Friday it is on my to check out list. I hope to see you there. Thank you for being you.

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